NEWS > Yourstage launches a newsletter for parents and students

First edition – 11th November 2017 – Yourstage Newsletter

Last summer we asked parents from our Saturday and Holiday drama courses to fill in a short feedback survey for us. It was really useful to find out what we are doing well and where we could improve. We had a few comments saying they would like more regular communication about what’s happening at Yourstage including a reminder of important diary dates and what’s coming up next. We have been sending out emails but since emails can be hard to keep track of, the idea of a half-termly old school printed newsletter was born. Something tangible that the children can enjoy too.

This way the children can also read about what we are doing and see some pictures of things that have happened during the term. The newsletters will come out around half-term and towards the end of term. The first one went out to Yourstage Too and Teens after class on Saturday. Printing issues meant the newsletters weren’t ready in time for the end of the Yourstage Tots class but they will get them this week, or you an read it right here: NEWSLETTER YOURSTAGE 11.11.17
Our first edition covers a report on the first ever Yourstage theatre trip to see School of Rock as well as more details about our plans for the Bugsy Malone production. We’ll also include a list of important diary dates to take note down in each issue.

If you have any feedback on this newsletter or suggestions for future editions,  please email [email protected]