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We are Frankie and Sonny and we both have been doing Yourstage since 2010. Yourstage offers dance and drama classes for children in Ealing.

Every Yourstage term takes a different theme. Whether it’s space or superheroes, we always have fun acting and dancing. During the last Easter Holidays 4 day course, we learnt about the Art of Puppetry from small sock puppets to giant human puppets. We also danced to songs to do with puppetry, e.g. ‘got not strings’ from Pinocchio (remix). It was lots of fun, especially the making giant puppets part which got everyone really thinking creatively and working together as a team in groups.

We think that it is excellent that both drama and dance are taught from children as young as three, right up to teenagers of 16. It gives both teens and tots confidence on stage, which will be a good advantage to their learning as they grow up. As well as this we think it helps children learn what it’s like to speak and perform in front of audiences at a young age.

If your child is not free to do Yourstage in the holidays, you can book a place in the Saturdays classes; which are from 9-10 for Tots and 10-12 for the Toos and Teens. The Saturdays provide just as much fun as the holiday courses, in case anyone is worrying. And, if your child only wants to do dance or drama, they can choose to do one or the other.

As well as making lots of friends, Yourstage Drama is full of fun because the children get to create their own scenes, so the children can express their joy through acting with their friends. We think all of the drama and dancing is really fun because all of the teachers are extremely creative with their choreography and directing and we take it seriously and work hard, but also have lots of fun at the same time.

In our opinion, Yourstage really boosts our confidence on stage, and we’re sure it helps a lot of other people more confident in front of an audience after they finish the course. Overall, we think Yourstage is an absolute success and we really recommend these Ealing drama classes to children in the area. It’s worth travelling to if you live slightly away from Ealing too.

You can find out more about Yourstage courses here:

Frankie Bell (age 11) and Sonny Carlisle (age 10)

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