Parent and Pupil Testimonials

Children’s drama classes and holiday courses, Ealing

This is my 7 yr old’s second term at Yourstage Drama and he loves it. We are greeted each week by upbeat staff who the children seem to adore. At every pick up he comes bouncing out having really loved the 2hr session. The end of term show was brilliantly done and my husband and I nearly fell off our chairs when he performed in a fully choreographed number from Matilda….he was brilliant!
N Glasby, Hanwell, January 2017

My daughter just completed her first term at Yourstage and absolutely loved it. I had no idea what to expect from the end of term performance and was unbelievably impressed by what I saw. I was so surprised to see such young children remembering such complicated dances and the acting was brilliant. More importantly all the kids looked like they were having a great time. The thing that I’m most pleased about though was that since doing the course I’ve seen a noticeable difference in how confident she is in reading out loud. She now reads with expression and really enjoys it and I’m certain that this is because of her time at Yourstage. Thank you so much.
R Liptrop, Hanwell, December 2016


Childrens drama class in EalingMy son loved the Yourstage summer camp. His words “The best week of my life almost as good as watching West Ham”
B Pearcescott, Ealing, August 2016

My son attended the Easter drama course in Ealing and loved it. The first day he fell to sleep in the afternoon after he got home and stayed asleep until the next morning (clearly a good use of energy). He was very keen to go back each day which is unusual as he’s more often quite reticent about new things. I will definitely be sending him for the Summer term.
E Leigh, Hanwell, April 2016


My daughter had attended dance lessons before and was showing little coordination. She can now dance as part of a line up and has grown in confidence. She absolutely loves the drama lessons and the staff have really supported her. I would highly recommend these classes-the end of term show was great!
V Fowell, Ealing, March 2016

My son has loved every second. I have seen his confidence grow and the show the children put on yesterday was fab! He will definitely be continuing next term- I thoroughly recommend Yourstage to everyone looking for children’s drama classes in Ealing. Thank you!
C Coleman, Hanwell, December 2015


children's theatre EalingMy daughter was new to Yourstage this summer and had a fantastic time. She loved the mix of activities and the inspirational older kids. The final show on Friday was really special and I was delighted with her increased confidence and capability after just one week! Thanks Yourstage! I am sure we will be back.
J Duckworth, Ealing, August 2015

I was so impressed with your show at Questors theatre. We were mesmerised To learn that most of those performances were highly shaped and instigated by the children themselves (like the Glee numbers) was amazing! Yourstage has done a brilliant job.
C Moore, Ealing, August 2015